Corvette C8 presentation

Chevrolet just released a video for the launch of the Corvette C8

That new car will be the eighth generation of Corvette and the first in 67 years to get a mid-engine. Yes, for the first time, the engine will be on the back and not on the front. That choice definitely changes the design of the car, and even if it is to increase the performance, I am currently not a big fan of it.

That new Corvette will be available July 17th of the week and got a new logo, visible at the end of the video. It basically got darker and a stronger V-shape.

There have not been any pictures of the Corvette C8 yet, but the car has been spotted in multiple places with some camouflage. It was also recently visible at the National Corvette Museum. Very few info have also been revealed on the car itself in term of performance, so let’s wait for more news!

American Fugitive, an interesting surprise?

Xbox just dropped on youtube the gameplay trailer for American Fugitive developed by Fallen Tree Games Ltd and distributed by Curve Digital.

What is sure from the trailer is that… it really looks like some old-school GTA, which is definitely a good thing.

In the game you play Will Riley, accused of his farther murder, who escaped to find the real culprit. For that, you will need to establish contact with criminal and survive in this open-world sandbox set in the 80’s.

Despite being posted by Xbox, the game is also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. It is available on May 21st for PC and PS4, on 23rd for Switch and 24th for Xbox. It will apparently cost $19.99 in the USA.

Tesla up and down of the week

There was a lot to talk about Tesla this week.

In terms of good news, Tesla put an impressive full self-driving video on youtube, with the car driving from A to Z without any human help. This comes with another interesting news which is the launch of robot-taxi in 2020. A pretty bold statement “if you fast forward a year, maybe a year and three months, but next year for sure, we’ll have over a million robot-taxis on the road”.

Basically, Tesla will launch an equivalent of Uber and take roughly 25% of commissions. Any Tesla owner can get the app, and Tesla will deploy some cars in areas without enough people to share their cars.

On the bad news, Tesla got the worst financial quarter since a couple of years. Tesla lost $700 millions of dollars. Tesla market shares also went lower than Ford for the first time since a couple of years too, with a 14% loss.

I think that we could conclude that Tesla is in the usual place: not very good financially but a lot of nice promises!

Avengers Endgame, what is next?

Avengers Endgame concludes 10 years of movies, and the Russo’s brothers will most likely not work on Marvel movies in the future. But that is definitely not the end of Marvel superheroes movie or probably even not of the Avengers.

So what is coming next?

The next one is Spiderman: Far From Home. Which is actually considered by the Russo’s brother as the last movie of the saga.
The movie will be released on July 2nd of this year and obviously focused on Spiderman. Peter Parker will indeed be recruited by Nick Fury and team up with Mysterio.

And in term of confirmed movies … that is about all.

What else is planned?

For the ones that will definitely happen, we have Guardian Of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Marvel and Disney finally decided to re-hired James Gunn as director of the film. However, the production can’t start yet considering that the same James Gunn is also working for DC with the soon to come The Suicide Squad.

In term of other sequels, we are most likely to get another Dr. Strange and Black Panther but definitely not before 2021, considering that no scripts are even written.

Black Widow will very likely get her movie! But again we will need to wait at least a year for that!

New heroes about to start

As new movies and new heroes, the next to come is The Eternals. Filming will begin in August this year and actors such as Angelina Jolie recently confirmed to be part of the cast. The movie is described as: The Eternals “a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations”. It is a pretty big bet from Marvel, considering that it is not a very well known group of superheroes.

Another thing to know is that the Eternals are technically very powerful. Which can be hard to include inside the Marvel Universe, except if the decision is taken to “Nerf” (reduce) their superpower. This could be easily done considering that the movie will most likely focus on Sersi (in green on the following image), which is a fourth generation willing to live with humans. Or by following them in a completely different timeline, like a long time ago in the past.

Another new one would be Shang-Chi, also known as “the Master of Kung Fu”. That is another interesting choice considering he does not have any super-power. He did beat, however, numerous superhumans, but he would have fit better with the Defenders (the ex-Netflix Marvel superheroes). Let see how it goes!


A couple of rumors

In terms of interesting rumor, Antman and the Wasp may get another movie, and Wesley Snipes is apparently in discussion for another Blade movie.

In conclusion

It is hard to know if Marvel has not really planed yet what is coming after the Avengers Endgame or if they are keeping a lot of secret at the moment. Nothing seems to point in one direction, unlike the Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor movies leading to the Avengers. Let’s hope that some announcements will soon give us more clues about it.


HBO Chernobyl miniseries

I can already hear a lot of people saying that there is no reason to keep HBO once Game Of Thrones is over. However, I personally find some interest in the HBO Chernobyl miniseries.

The show is made of 5 episodes and will air from the 6th of May until June 3rd. And as you can guess with the title, the plot will focus on Chernobyl disaster that occurred in Ukrainian SSR in 1986.

For the cast you will find a couple of known faces, but maybe not names. Such as Jared Harris (Lane Pryce in Mad Men and most recently as King Charles VI in The Crown), Stellan Skarsgård (in the Thor and Avengers movies and Emily Watson (Bess McNeil in Breaking the Waves).

Let’s just wait and see how it goes and hope that the show really tries to show the situation and not some kind of fictional story. The writers and creators apparently did a lot of researches and questioned a lot of people for years, so it is reinsuring on that side.

To make your own opinion about HBO Chernobyl here is the first trailer and the last one from today: