Netflix will publish its own magazine

I have to admit that when I have heard that 100 pages magazine for Netflix, my first thought was “what? why? Who needs that?”.

Well, apparently the magazine is mostly for the Emmy Awards and a way to promote everything they do. You may not even be able to have some versions that are fully dedicated for that, but some other version could be available on their Portal on a quarterly basis.

But the strangest thing (no pun attended) is probably that this idea of a magazine does not sound too bad after all. On second thought, it could be interesting to get interviews with the actors, directors, knowing why a program has been selected or created.

One of my early comment about what Netflix could improve was really their relationship with their customers. Lack of information, lack of communication (except their newsletter) while they could really be more open, mostly now that the war will start with other streaming companies. People do like bloopers, they do like behind the scene and they do like to be invited to participate.

So in the end, I am actually hoping that Netflix will even go a step further and not keeping it only for awards show. Prize are good but what you need, Netflix, is customers, please do not forget about that.

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