Star Wars episode 9, yay or nay?

You may already know that the new Star Wars trailer just dropped yesterday, with its new name: The rise of Skywalker. If not, well take a look here:


Despite all the news trying to get me hype … well, I am not. I would like but I just can’t.

I had mixed feeling by looking at it. I honestly even stopped it and double check because … I thought for a second that this was a fan-made teaser. A lot of things look off, in my opinion, starting with the font, the text, everything is totally disconnected and it is playing more on nostalgia than actually showing something new.
The problem is: you can’t play on nostalgia when you spend 2 other episodes to just destroy and kill everything that was from the past. The artistic decision was to send us to some kind of future and that is what you should do. This trailer looks more like a: “sorry but please stay with us until the end”. I am a bit harsh and have nothing about the movie, I hope it will be good. Maybe there will be a major plot twist, and in the same way they are bringing back Palpatine some other characters will also come back.

The other Star Wars news of the day was the video game Jedi Fallen Order. With a lot of good news like no microtransaction (at least for now) but no real info about the game itself, so wait and see.


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