Forza Street the new free-to-play for PC and Mobile

Turn 10 and Microsoft just announced a new race game called Forza Street. The game is available for free for the moment on Windows 10 and soon on Android and iOS sometime this year.

Features will be added over time, by engaging and listening with the community .. which will probably be needed. The gameplay is focused on timing of gas, brake, and boost as “the keys to victory”. And that is a bit of the problem.
Graphically Forza Street is really nice but the game is more a Quick-Time-Even than a real race game. What you have to do is to press the right button with the right timing and it removes some of the fun. Which is sad because the rest of the game seems really nice. There is a large choice of cars, from muscle to classic and different way to unlock and tune them.,

There is some kind of story, with daily challenges and rewards … which are probably the thing that can push you to play the game more than half an hour.

If Forza Street allowed you to really race the car, I would say that this would be one of the best quick free-to-play car game on the market. Currently, it is not too bad if you like timing game and nice cars!



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