Inside Xbox quick review

Xbox just got a couple of announcement in their latest “inside Xbox” video.

The first one is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This pass will combine Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live for $14.99 per month and released this year. A bundle that seems pretty interesting.

The second is the (already guessed) Xbox One S, the All-Digital Edition. Yes no more CD player, everything online and a bit cheaper, but still roughly $250. With 1TB hard drive, ¬†Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3. An interesting deal but I personally prefer to pay $50 more and being able to have access to physical copy …. call me old school…. The console should be available on May 7th.

Inside Xbox then shown some video about Rage2 which will be released May 14th, and discussing about Gears of War as an esport.

Microsoft also reworks the Game Bar, this tool available on Windows10 to record your screen (or most likely game). The new bar is customizable, with the possibility to bring Spotify and control the sound, seeing streaming, checking your friends etc.

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