MotoGP 19 Historical Challenges

Milestone recently released a trailer for MotoGP 19. That trailer is focused on Historical challenges, meaning that we will get some riders who wrote history.

It mentions 50 historical drivers with 35 bikes and 3 historical tracks. Those tracks will be Laguna Seca 2013, Donington 2009 and Catalunya 2015. From the trailer, that does not seems to go further than the year 2000’s, which is a bit sad.
However, the game will get a lot of different categories: Red Bull MotoGP™ Rookies Cup, Moto3™, Moto2™, and MotoGP™ and the brand-new MotoE™. And some tools to personalize your rider.

The creator also promise a better AI based on machine learning: “thanks to the Neural AI and to the Machine Learning, you’ll now face smarter, faster opponents who will exploit your mistakes. The challenge is about to get real.”

MotoGP 19 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 6  and on Nintendo Switch (oh yes!) on June 27. Which is not that far, thank you Milestone for that!



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