Between the Stars, my quick test

Between the Stars is a game developed by Isolated Games and soon to be available on Steam. The game is actually a successful Kickstarter project, and I really wish it will get a lot of success! 

The game is a space action video game with traces of RPG, management and roguelike elements, which can be translated as: a mix between space battle and D&D. Indeed most of the dialogue and decisions work through texts with a choice of answers. For some of them, you will even need to roll the dice and hope making a good score. 

Graphic and Gameplay

Visually, the game is great, very colorful and inspiring, nothing to be ashamed of. Space looks empty enough to be realistic but with enough things to do, and a good speed/distance ratio so it does not feel like flying forever … which can be the case in other space game. 

The space battles are pretty well made, and they are fun to play. Flying the ship is fairly easy but does not feel to arcade. Some perfect balance to be able to enjoy it without making it too close to simulation (and repel some people). 

The hud is pretty clear and offers a lot of options, it is for example possible to focus the power in the engine, the weapons or the shields. Between the stars also offer a vast choice of very different weapons. Some of them needing to be crafted … because yes there seems to be a lot of craft options in the game. Once you destroy other ships, you can salvage them, salvage some component and create a new one.

Open world and Management

You will be able to visit the planet and space station, to recruit some crew member, buy some blueprint, repair your ship (yes, damages do not disappear, it need to be repaired!).

Between the stars is in every aspect an open world with ship and crew management. You will be able to get a different kind of ships, with a lot of customization, so you can really make it match your gaming style.

The creators promise us a lot of mission, from the NPC but also caused by our own actions. Some choices will be made during events and your Captain skills will also influence them. 

Mixing the action with a D&D style really gives a lot of opportunities in term of story. Some can be pure fighting, others can be based on skills or just on dialogue. 

All in all the game is amazing. You should definitely give a go to that game! 

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