Nissan GT-R R36 for 2023?

Philippe Klein, a board member from Nissan, has recently spread some information about the next Nissan GT-R R36.

According to the various information, the new car will be first released in 2023. That seems pretty far, knowing that the previous model, the R35, is on the market since 2007. However, considering that we have not seen any concept and not a lot of information, that timeline seems relatively correct.

Something else to know is that the Nissan GT-R R36 may be hybrid. This kind of make sense considering that electric power can give an extra boost.  Not only that, but it will definitely help Nissan with current and future emissions regulations.

The addition of electric motors and batteries may also be the reasons for the delay. Enginneers will need to deal with that and be sure to keep the car as a great sports car worthy of the name.

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