Borderlands 3 overview

My feeling

The first Borderlands really blew my mind after only a couple of minutes in the game. It was different from probably anything I ever played, really crazy but in a good way. Every character or place was a show, it seemed that the game was made by people who like games, and want you to have fun playing them. When the second Borderlands came out, I still had that feeling, even more, craziness, but a feeling of deja-vu. Just like a very (very very) long add-on, without bringing too many new things to it. Still, I loved it, really.

However, I am afraid of how long that feeling will stay, if nothing new and good is really added. It is 99% sure that I will get Borderlands 3 but I am frightened of not enjoying it entirely. What I hope is that once I start the game, my brain will stop working and I will be sucked up into the fun.

Yesterday, Gearbox has shown gameplay footage of the game, which again, seems really similar to the previous opus. But the fun was definitely there. New and fun weapons, a new and interesting story, which is apparently at least 30h long.

The demo

Some people and website got the chance and privilege to try the game (a demo) and it seems to confirm my opinion.
IGN reports that the game definitely not lost its sense of humor. There is billions of guns and some crazier than ever. There is for example Gun that shots cheesburger … yep. Most of their feeling is actually based on the guns, in a large variety and that they all feel fantastic. All in all, the game seems to be a better Borderlands 2, with a cleaner and better user interface. Sadly nothing about how hard or easy the game is, or about the map and distances (which was sometimes an issue in previous games).

AVgames also says that it is more of everything, including the same. They also say, however, that the game is beautiful and really fun. Quite a similar review for Engadget, and not too much fro vg24/7.

PCgame put it as a bigger and smarter Borderlands 2, after their hands-on, but confirming that they are still loving it. Again with an emphasis on the guns, on the fun fights. It also discussed vehicles customization and the fact that exploration brings you a lot of side quests, which is always good to take.


I think that the overall feeling is confirmed and shared by everyone who knows and played the game. But once again, the tiny issue of deja-vu seems to disappear once someone starts to play Borderlands 3. And this a relief. Something to keep in mind is also a new generation who haven’t played the previous games and will get their mind blown the same way I got mine with the first game.


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