Burning Daylight : quick test on Steam

Burning Daylight has no connection with the book from Jack London. It is a sci-fi adventure game, released on April 19th on Steam, and something you may want to try. Did I mention that the game is free?

The story is set in a very nicely rendered dystopian future, helped by immersive kinds of music. The story is simple but effective. At the beginning of the game, you will wake up in a slaughterhouse, and you will need to discover the world around you. The game by itself is really short, you can probably finish it in 20 to 30min and the controls are not always completely smooth.  But the world is definitely amazing. I do not want to say too much so I do not spoil the game, but I would be really happy to get another game, probably more RPG style, in the same world.

Another interesting point is that Burning Daylight was made by a team of 12 students from The Animation Workshop. Which is by iteslf a reason to support the game.

Considering that the game is for free, I really advise you to give it a try.

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