MidKnight Story – Kickstarter

If you are interested in backing up some excellent independent video game, here is one for you: MidKnight Story.

That Kickstarter is running since April 23rd and growing. There is a reason for that: the project looks fantastic. MidKnight Story is described as “A story-driven action adventure RPG set in a steampunk & fantasy open world”, and the first images/trailer looks really nice.

The open world is entertaining, and you can see the use of both swords and pistols. Did I mention that Nier Automata’s singer Emi Evans is part of the project?

Part of the game is based on exploration, loot, and upgradable weapons. For the moment the game is planned to be only on PC, but it could also be on PS4 depending on the funding. There are a lot of different pledges, and most of them are accessible (relatively to the price of a game).

So to make the long story short: an attention to the world, the exploration, the control, and weapons but also to the music. What are you waiting to help that project?



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