Pokemon Detective Pikachu, first critics

Pokemon Detective Pikachu will be released this week and the first critics are already available.

At the moment they are mixed, and not surprisingly more positive from video game media than others. IGN, for example, put a score of 80, while the average on Metacritic is currently at 50. The score on Rotten Tomatoes is currently at 70 with roughly 40 critics.

Obviously, critics should not really influence you to go or not go see a movie. And from the majority of the critics, the movie seems to be fun. One issue, predictable, is that someone without any knowledge about Pokemon could be a bit confused.

The good news is that it did not get very negative reviews (at least yet). But the most annoying part is about the story which does not seems to be as good as sold by the trailer. Critics are saying that it is a bit messy, disjointed. That is a bit sad because that is where they could have done something really interesting like the Lego Movie did beforehand. A hard thing to do for this kind of movie is to be appealing both for adults and kids.

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