Fade to Silence – trailer, info, reviews

Fade to Silence is a survival horror game in a frozen world. Interestingly it is either a solo or coop adventure. The game is newly available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

Sony just released a new video that explained a bit more in detail the dynamic of the game. By itself, it looks pretty nice. You need to find followers, create your camp, take care of the environment, get a strategy for the fight.

The reviews, however, seem mixed. The bad point seems related to the repetition of tasks (which seems to be a default to almost every game at the moment), the fights are clunky and the story missing. Something that seems to lower the rating of the game is the number of crashes people are experiencing, on Steam at least.

Interestingly some critics mentioned a bad frame rate while good one discussed a good one. In a general way, the survival part seems to be too much for a lot of players and the story not that interesting. Survival is a style by itself which can feel really tough. I am personally not a fan of it, but I would not use that as a bad point, considering that it is an aspect of the game.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the price of Fade to Silence is only at £35, which is not the price of a full game. Fade to Silence seems to be a very interesting concept, with a lot of nice dynamics but maybe not perfectly realized. I would say that if you like Survivor kind of game you will probably like it, but if you were looking for some kind of rewarding story, it may not be for you.


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