Disney post-fox release plan

A tweet from Kris Tapley shows a list of the Disney post-fox release plan.


Most of the movies are sadly untitled and a big part of it is not too much of a surprise. However, there is a Star Wars movie apparently planned for 2022, followed by to other movies. Could that be another trilogy? We can also see the five Avatars movies. There is also the Indiana Jones movie for 2021 and a bunch of Disney Live Action. No movies are clearly shown as X-men movies, but they could be under any Untitled Marvel movie. What is sure is that the Disney post-fox release plan is already well booked! 

Borderlands 3 skill tree

A Borderlands 3 skill tree appeared on the internet recently, made from Seigler. That skill calculator, which is available here is not complete yet but gives some good information about 2 of the main characters.

Indeed the tree for Fl4ke and Moze are missing but the one for Zane and Amara seems complete. If you are willing to play one of those characters, this tree can help you to plan in advance which skills you would like to unlock first. Mostly considering that there is now 3 different tree for each character.

We have discussed Borderlands 3 recently here and more information seems to appear day after day.