Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the follow-up to Ghost Recon: Wildlands from Ubisoft. It can be played as solo, coop, and PVP (at launch). This means that you can either try to finish the game by yourself or invite 3 friends and do it together.

The game takes place on Aurora, in the middle of the Pacific. This island is the base of Skell Tech, a company making very deadly drones.

The map is an open world with a different environment: mountains, forest, and even a volcano. It also got a new kind of gameplay, more survival, with new exciting features like the possibility to carry bodies or blend with the environment. This means that you cover yourself with snow, mud, foliage, etc. A third and nice novelty is the possibility to cut through fences (finally!).

There is also 3 new kinds of archetype enemy. One of them is the Rocket gunner, very powerful with a weak point in the back. The second is the Breacher, close distance with a shotgun. The last one is the Heavy … which means heavily armored with a minigun. All of them will force you to adapt your strategy and react to the enemy.

There is also different class, which can be changed at the bivouac. The Sniper class, for example, can hold its breath longer for long range shooting, while the Panther class is faster and harder to detect but can’t carry heavy weapons. 

Release date is for October 4th! With some collector already available for pre-order.

More news coming!

Here is the video of the very cool trailer:

And the one for the gameplay:


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