Players needed for Project C

Project C is the idea of a persistent open-world multiplayer online, where players can team up and build societies.

Darewise Entertainment, the group behind the project, is looking for players to test Project C.

The interested players will need to take a survey and be approved. The second step will be a live video chat with a member of the team.

The world of Corvus will be the centerpiece of the game and the players will need to explore the planet, get resources, joins clans and build societies.

The game by itself will definitely rely on a large, good and strong community. This can involve collaboration or on the contrary some combat between opposing clans. More than a game, this is supposed to be a social experience. No pressure on them …

Darewise CEO Benjamin Charbit said: “The greatest adventures happen with friends and that’s the real ambition of Project C – to give players a truly dynamic open-world gaming experience to play with and compete against one another.”

Charbit is a former lead on Assassin’s Creed and assembled a team of developers from Half-Life 2, 2K, Rockstar Games, Guerilla Games, and Quantic Dreams. No release date or price has been announced yet and the game is in pre-alpha.

For all the one interested, here is the link to apply!



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