Ubisoft VR Escape room “Beyond Medusa’s gate”

Ubisoft just announced the launch of a VR Escape room “Beyond Medusa’s gate”. This is the second experience of Ubisoft Escape Games.

For those wondering: what is an escape room? It is a real-life experience, where you and your friends are locked in a room and need to escape it (thus the name). This requires cooperation and teamwork to find some clues, resolves puzzles, etc. Those rooms usually got a specific theme, such as dungeon, spaceship, prison, etc.

The one from Ubisoft got the addition of VR (for Virtual Reality), so most of it is virtual, through the use of a headset.

A team of 2 or 4 players will be transported to Ancient Greece where they will get access to various activities, including interaction with ancient objects, climbing, shooting arrows, and more.

“Beyond Medusa’s gate” is available in more than 100 location in the US and Europe. More information on the official website!


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