Rage 2 review

We talk about Rage in a previous article, a game published by Bethesda, better known for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout massive RPG.

Rage 2 is a first-person shooter, where you play a Ranger name Walker in a futuristic post-apocalyptic open world. Your character can boost its ability with the use of Nanotrites. In one of the modes called Overdrive, your life will regenerate over time and your weapons will do more damages, thus the name of the game. But those powers also allow you to play with gravity and become stronger. This definitely brings some fun and craziness in the game. I will do my best to avoid any comparison with Borderlands, another very similar group of games made by 2K, but it is true that they share a lot of similitudes. I will also not use the “it looks repetitive after 30 min”, as most first player shooter becomes repetitive after 30 min anyway.

The Story

Honestly, there is basically none. And that is, in my opinion, the biggest default of the game. You start the game under attack, you become a Ranger and basically the only survivor and decide to kill the man who did the attack. To succeed you will need to do some missions for three people in the wasteland so they can give the appropriate gears to beat the final boss. And that’s it.
It seems like they have worked a little on the story at the start but then completely drop the idea through the project and I think that it is a shame because what would have a been a great plus for the game.

The world

The open world is large and offers a different environment. One part is more like a desert, other like swamp another like a forest etc. So you need to give credit for that works, considering that they could have taken the easy path and get an all desert post-apocalyptic world. However, and this is related to the previous point, it feels a bit empty. In the way that there is not too much interaction with some people or missions that you really would like to follow. It is also really not necessary to travel around the world to go to the end game. You can just raid in a small area to get all necessary experience and then rush to the mission. A waste of wasteland.

The gameplay

Rage 2 is definitely a lot of fun. There is a lot of different combination with all the skills and weapons available. Some of them are also pretty funny, like the explosive or anti-gravity one. The game is easy to take in hand for anyone who played a first player shooter before, and you feel at home fairly quickly. The drive part is also nice, even if someone vehicles are extremely hard to drive in my opinion (such as the motorcycle), the battles are pretty intuitive and it is not too hard to drive and shoot at the same time.

Weapons, powers, and vehicles

I do not want to give too many details about all of that, because I am afraid or removing the fun of discovering them. But some of the weapons and powers are interestingly originals. There is a good mix of it, and a lot of different way to upgrades or unlock some skills. There are 3 different trees of competences for the skills, one for each power and one for each weapon. For the vehicles, there is also a large choice, and the main vehicle can also be upgraded.

Some little bugs

I have also experienced some minor but annoying bugs in the game. An enemy stuck behind a texture for example, which means that I could not get the experience of a “cleaned area” because I did not kill everyone. In that case, I had to leave and come back later, with all the previous enemies back. I also had a very complicated issue with a boss, where I did not get a lot of ammo, and there was no additional ammo at all in the whole area. It seems like no one thought of a way to generated ammo during the battle


There is a lot of fun in playing Rage 2 and all in all the game is pretty well done. The missing part is a real story to make the game more interesting and keeping the players a bit longer. In terms of time, it would probably take roughly 10 hours to finish it. But if you know the game and where to get the correct weapons, you can probably get it in 5. For the people who want to complete the game, there will be much more to do, but for the others, it may feel short.

According to the road map given by Bethesda, there will be some additional story but not before August, which can feel long. The May, June, and July are mostly skins and challenges. But maybe and after all, the game was intended for people who just like challenges and shooting stuff, and in that case this is a perfect game for you.

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