Death Stranding – trailer and release date

Another obscure trailer is available for Death Stranding, with some ideas of what is going on in that game.

Apparently, Sam (Norman Readus) got the mission from a dying president of the USA to go West in some apocalyptical world. The mission is not that simple because of a terrifying world, some militant separatist group called Homo Demens and BT’s, which are some kind of ghosts.

Yep, the world also got some supernatural stuff, that looks like people prisoners from past events and coming back as ghosts. But do not worry, you can see them by having a baby around your neck.

Finally, the released date is set for November this year!

In additions to that, the Special, Delux and Collector’s edition has been revealed too on Sony’s website.

You may be happy to know that the Collector’s edition got a Life-sized BB Pod Statue (the baby in the bottle), Sam’s BRIDGES Cargo Case and Ludens Keychain.


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