Greedfall trailer

E3 is coming soon and we start to see more whisperers and trailer about games! Here is the one fro Greedfall, a game which is published by Focus Home Interactive, who already gave us Vampyr and more recently A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Greedfall is an action RPG game from Spiders and set in a fantasy world looking like the 17th century.

In the game, you play a human (yes it is important to mention it) arriving on a freshly discovered island, with magic and monsters. You will then need to ally with the natives or with foreign nations to colonize that island, through diplomacy or combat. This means that your choices will influence the game’s story.

“At the beginning of the game , you pick your gender and a few starting attributes, then build from there to create your own playstyle. The class-less progression system lets you tap various branches from an extensive skill tree, and create your own skill synergies. With other a hundred skills to choose from, you craft your very own experience.”

GreedFall will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and pc in September this year. Definitely waiting for it!

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