Google Stadia: Special features from Streaming

Recently I have made an article about all what need to know about the Google Stadia. Today a couple of other news has shown up.

First, Stadia boss Phil Harrison confirmed that the price will not change. Indeed, some players and press were expected a lower price for the Stadia considering that it is an all-online system. But this is a clear answer if you had any hope in it.

Secondly, the same Harrison mentioned that the fact of having an all-online streaming platform will bring more features, never seen with consoles. Sadly, he does not give more details about it, except maybe one:

“If you look at Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it has this amazing stream connect feature where you can see what your friends are seeing in the game, superimposed inside the game,” he explained. “Those are first examples of innovations that will, over time, mean that streaming games will have these advantages that players will gravitate towards.”

I guess that this is a nice feature, but I really hope that they have more ideas in mind!

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