Full test: MotoGP 19

MotoGP 19 by Milestone is probably the first ever MotoGP game I have played. And one part of me would like to give it a 9/10 and another part of me would like to give it 5/10. Let’s find out why.

The 9/10 part of me

I found the game honestly very good. The motorcycle and drivers are incredibly well done and the racetracks are amazing. For some reason, this is maybe one of the few games where we can feel up and down of racetracks, something really hard to digitally reproduce. The number of categories is perfect, from Red Bull Rookie to Moto 3, then 2 and finally MotoGP with the addition of the MotoE (electric) championship. It is not too much but is enough to have a lot of fun. In career mode, you can really create your own progression and sign with different teams. The historical challenges are fun, with the possibility to drive old motorcycles.

In term of gameplay, it requires a bit of training but it is nice and fun. It is close to a simulation (with the choice of making it more or less realistic) and braking or accelerating too hard can make you fell from the bike. You really need to plan your trajectory and be really smooth and gentle. I honestly like it a lot.
However, some training or tutorial would have been really nice and that is the missing point to get a 10/10. I think that it would be really helpful to let the player know about the best way to use both breaks (yes, because there is front and back one), how to turn correctly etc. A school academy may be good for MotoGP 20.

The 5/10 part of me

Sadly, if you try to play this game in the hard or realistic mode… you may start to hate it a bit as I do. The problem is that it does not only make the competitors faster but ti also looks like the game does not want you to win sometimes. I know that usually when someone says “the game does not want me to win” it sounds like the player is not good enough to win. However in a race simulation game it is easy to points at some fact that are questionable, and here are 3 of them:

  1. I lost the US GP because the competitors were cutting through the chicanes gaining easily 1 second per lap. When I tried to follow them, I got a penalty and finished even further. The higher you put the AI and the more shortcuts they will take. And the AI does not have any penalty so they will not hesitate to do it. However, if you try to do the same you will gain more and more penalty out of it.
  2. The drivers will do more and more kamikaze attacks on you. MotoGP 19 suffers from an AI which sometimes does not try to take a corner but just tries to kick you off your bike. I have recorded multiple screenshots and videos where it is clearly visible that the other drivers cut a corner just to crash into me.  Which is really frustrating when it happens in the last lap for example. In Brno, I used this at my advantage and let drivers try to push me out in the same corner but accelerate always just before, so the other driver would go and crash in the sand. But this is clearly not a normal strategy for a simulation game.
  3. Competitors can drive 0.5 to 1s during the race than during the qualification. Which is .. really strange and definitely annoying. I believe that the game is using an algorithm which will make competitors faster or slower depending on your own personal time. For example, I tried to drive as fast as I could during a race and just could not get rid of the other guys. I restarted the exact same race but went slower (at least 1 to 2s per lap) and the situation was actually the same. The problem is that it is then really hard to know how you compete with the AI. What the should do is that if you are really faster than the other, it should propose to you to make the AI a bit stronger instead of trying to adjust it in some way.

Those 3 points are really frustrating and definitely remove part of the fun from the game. I also believe that they could easily be fixed with a patch to change the AI behavior because they are all related to that. It kind of force you between making the game a bit too easy or knowing that you may lose some race for ridiculous reasons.


Despite all that, I would still highly recommend the game to everyone. The bad AI does not appears in every GP, just sometimes and I started to know that I will to deal with it and I know now how. MotoGP is really good and I do have a lot of fun, if I did not like it I would not have spent all the time I did on it.

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