Quick Review: Spider-Man far from home – No spoiler

Spider-Man far from home is the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It takes place just after the big Avenger Endgame, and according to the Russo brothers, it is the final chapter of the latest phase of the universe.

As for the plot of the movie, well, Spider-Man is going to travel to Europe with his classmate but some bad guys called Elementals are trying to destroy the world. So Spider-Man will need to team up with Mysterio, a strange and powerful man who knows about the Elementals.  In parallel to this, Spider-man will have to deal with the recent death of Tony Stark/Iron Man and find the way to tell the girl he loves what he feels about her.

My opinion about the movie is that it is .. entertaining.
It is a Marvel movie so the story is a giant plothole, I will not even discuss it because 5 minutes of science is enough to destroy the whole movie. But once you accept that it is a fiction and that there is any way a guy that acts as a Spider, you can spend some good couple of hours.

What disappoints me is that it tries to get plot twist but there isn’t really any, except maybe in the post-credit scene. Every time the movie is trying to surprise you with something you can see it coming. Either you will guess it or you will think that there is something fishy. A really good plot twist is when you do not see it coming.
I may also be biased by the fact that I know Mysterio’s story, but everyone who will google it or check it would quickly know too.

However, I also do appreciate what they did with Mysterio. They really work on having a back story for him and show us his personality, which is sometimes not done in superhero movies.

The special effects of the movie are also really good and the love story fit very well with the main plot.

And that is probably the strange thing with Spider-Man far from home, nothing is really wrong with it but you do not leave the movie thinking that you have just seen something great.

If you like Marvel and superhero movies I would recommend it to you, if not I would say that you could probably wait for a little and see it for free.

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