The new Nintendo Switch Lite!

Nintendo just announced the new Nintendo Switch Lite!

As you can see from the name it is a “lite” version of Switch, which means that it will be more compact and cheaper (200 dollars in the USA).

The main differences with the original Switch are first it can’t be connected to a TV (so it is an only portable console) and that the controllers are integrated. It is still possible to connect some Joy-con if needed (I can’t see why you would do that, but why not).

The console will get 32gb of space and battery can last for 6h, depending on the game, but it should be a bit more than the original Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available September 20th of this year Three colors will be available at start: Yellow, Grey, and Turquoise. And some special edition (Pokemon) will arrive on November 8th.

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