Mars Horizon

Auroch Digital was apparently looking for players for the free Alpha Weekend (19th – 21st July) for their upcoming game Mars Horizon, through that link.  But the Alpha seems to be already full.

Nonetheless, it can be interesting to talk about Mars Hozion, a mission control space agency simulator game, with the mission of … going to Mars.

During the Alpha, and most likely the game. players will take control of the US Space Agency. They will start at the dawn of the space race and be attempting to open the door for the moon landing by completing the first lunar probe, as well as launching the first human into space.

To do this they will need to build a base, research new technologies and build rockets. With the choice of whether to cut corners to be the first into space or take more time to ensure a better chance of success.

If you like this kind of simulator game, you may keep an eye on it!

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