Partnership between Ford and Volkswagen

Ford and Volkswagen announced a partnership this week.  This deal is mostly about electric and autonomous vehicles.

Ford will indeed use Volkswagen MEB platform, which is a modular car platform for electric cars. Until now that MEB was only used by VW and car owned by the company such as Audi, Seat, and Skoda.

Volkswagen on the other side has put $2.3 billion in Argo AI, the autonomous driving company backed up by Ford. In the end, both Ford and VW will own shares of Argo AI.

Outside of electric vehicles, Ford and VW will also work together on the development of midsize pickups and vans.

This is a pretty big deal considering that Ford and VW are both in the top 5 car manufacturers in the world and that is a strong alliance on the Electric and Autonomous vehicles market.

Greg Russo to write Space Invaders movie after Mortal Kombat

The Space Invaders movie is apparently on its way. Warner Bros launched the project by putting Greg Russo in charge to write the script.

The movie will probably be loosely based on the game, considering that it is an Arcade game with the only purpose to shoot aliens spaceships.

Greg Russo is actually a busy man in term of adaptation because he is already in charge to finish the Mortal Kombat Reboot. He is also working on the Death Note 2 for Netflix and a Saints Row adaptation.  It is hard to judge now his qualities as a writer because of his small filmography, and it is a bit curious that so many projects have been giving to him before he can actually make his mark. However, I really hope that he will succeed in all those projects.