Killsquad review

Killsquad is now available in early access on Steam and I had the chance to play it.

Keep in mind that this review is based on the early access but overall I have a positive experience so it should not be a bad thing.

What is Killsquad?

In Killsquad you will have to choose between 4 different characters with different abilities. Basically, tank, DPS, healer, long-range, so nothing unconventional.
One party is called a contract and seems to be from 5 to 15 minutes. You can either do contract with your friends or have other players to join you, or even to do it alone. I did one party alone and it was not really hard but definitely more boring than being with other people.

At the beginning of each contract, you are level one and by getting XP you will level up with a maximum of 10 levels. After every couple of level, you will have the choice to upgrade or learn one ability. It means that you can adapt your abilities depending on your team and of the contract. Enemies will also drop some “DNA”, and you can either use it during the contract, by buying special ability but only for that specific contract, or you can keep it until the end of the game and transform it in credits.

With the credits, you will be able to buy new weapons or accessories for your character. Because even if your character will always start a contract at level 1, it will also have a level outside of the contract. By getting better equipment your overall level will increase.

About the game itself

I found the game itself really nice and fun. Maybe a bit of tutorial/instruction would be helpful because you really start the game on the lobby and .. well, deal with it. Even when you start a party, it may not be easy the first to know where to go or how to use a weapon or ability. However, once you learn it, you can really take full advantage of your character. The fact that the contracts are short is also not too bad, so you can jump from one to the other.

The two little bad points that I can find for the moment is that even if the environments are different, a lot of contracts can look a bit similar. So I am a bit afraid of the moment where the fun will leave and the game feels a bit repetitive.  It could give an excellent pvp game, but with only 4 characters that could also be fast to explore all the options.
The other one is that the only time I had a hard time in a game was when a very high level decided to join a contract for low lvl. It look like the AI adapted to the high lvl guy making it harder for everyone. I may be wrong on that one and will have to test that theory.

In conclusion

The game is definitely entertaining and not too expensive. Contracts are fast, so it is easy to play when you have a little bit of time. Graphically it is a 2.5D game looking pretty good, and if you are used to those game, the control should not disturb you too much.

I would recommend it if you like quick fun game and if you have some friend to play with you!

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