Night Call review

Night Call is an independent investigation simulator available on Steam. And my opinion about the game is … mixed.

The story

In the game, you play a taxi driver working in Paris and you are trying to identify serial killers. It may sound strange, but the idea is that you are taking passengers during the night, talking to them, and collecting intel or clues. For that part, the game is pretty interesting and it is a very interesting concept. Some people will give you useful information, others won’t. And you will have to do that for a certain number of days before saying who is the serial killer. The animations are pretty well done, there is a map of Paris, a bit like Google Map and you see your taxi driving on it. The style is really Polar which is helped by having the story in Paris.

The gameplay

One thing to know about the game is that it is a narrative game. Which means that the only thing you will do during the game is clicking on options. Most of the game will be text and options on what to answer to the text. The stories are nice and each customer seems relatable. Some are pretty interesting, like a cat or Santa Claus or a girl from the future but in the end, it gives very limited gameplay. Furthermore, the game got 3 cases and I am not sure that people would like to re-do an investigation when you already know the killer.

The first case “the Judge” was a bit strange for me because I have guessed a killer in the beginning. I then played the whole 6 nights, got a board full of clues but no smoking gun about who is killer. In other words, I had no real proof about the killer. But I designed the one I have guessed on day 1 and … it apparently worked.

What is the problem?

Well, honestly, there are hundreds of other narrative games on the internet, usually for less than £5. Night Call has a nice story and it looks way better than most of the narrative games but … I do not feel that the price is worth the game. I really hate to say that, because every work means a lot of effort and time and ideas. The first case did take me probably 1.30 but the last half of the time, I was rushing through the dialog just because I wanted to end the case. I am also a bit disappointed by the investigation part which is limited to discussing to some people and hoping that you pick the right customers apparently. Which means that success is more based on luck than on skills.

In conclusion, I love the idea, the concept, and even the universe but does not feel like it was executed correctly.

I do recommend the game but not at full price and only if you are fine with narrative games. Because the only thing you will do is read a lot of text and answer questions.


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