GRID Career Mode details

Despite being delayed to October 21st, Codemasters shared GRID Career Mode details today.

It announces 104 events at launch, spread across six disciplines: Touring, Stock, Tuner, GT, FA Racing, and Invitational. The first five disciplines offer 13 different events to complete, while the last one got 26. All of those disciplines will end with a Showdown event. Mmmh .. ok. Why not doing simple championships?

I am a bit afraid with the next statement which is: “Each event includes an objective you must complete to unlock more events in that discipline, and the objective won’t always be to win the race”. I do hope that the objective will still be a specific position and not something strange to do during the race.

“Each Showdown is a two-on-two race, pitting you and your teammate against the top team from each discipline, so use your racing prowess and tactical skill to win these challenging events.” Not sure I understand if that is a relay meaning that you do half of the race and your teammate do the other half?

You’ll need to win four of the six Showdown events to progress to the final chapter of Career mode. That means you don’t have to complete every discipline if you don’t want to.

I am honestly more scared than thrilled by that first of the news. The second part is however more interesting.

First, you learn that you can create your own Team, with name and livery. You will also need to purchase cars with what you earn during your races. And you can also hire and fire a teammate. This means that the game will put you as a team manager, which is definitely cool.

They also announced the addition of events which will almost double at some point. However no mention on if that will be for free or through paid DLC.

So, in the end, I am half happy and half afraid by that GRID Career Mode…

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