Round up of new games

I am trying a new format, a list of new games that are too small to have their own articles, or already discussed in the past! Let’s start!

Tech Corp.

I already discussed Tech Corp in a previous article, and the game is out now on Steam. I do not know if I will have the time to review it, but it does seem really good and incredibly complete. If you like Tycoon games, I bet that you will like that one too.


I did not know that game released last year but it got a big update today. It is described as a Real-Time Tactical RPG and it just got a new single-player campaign which is free for the people who already got the game.
Another cool thing: you can play as a dog. Yes, in the multiplayer mode, a dog is a support unit. The game really look interesting!


Fantasy Strike

New fighting game available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC. The target is both hardcore gamers and newcomers. The game actually does have tutorials, a traditional Arcade Mode with beautifully-illustrated story sequences, four Survival Modes, Daily Challenges, and a substantial Boss Rush mode where players build a deck of powerups against increasingly powerful AI bosses.

There is also an online multiplayer mode, with rank mode, tournament, and team battle. It really seems complete and somehow original.

Smoots Summer Games

It is available now on PS4, and Nintendo Switch, the Xbox version has been delayed until August 8th. The game is a 1-4 multiplayer game. Not really my style but why not.

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