We Happy Few Lightbearer new rock & roll DLC

Today is the launch of We Happy Few Lightbearer, the second DLC for the We Happy Few game. The DLC is available for Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4.

For people that do not know that game, it is a very strange action-adventure game. Probably a bit of horror too but the universe is really really interesting. The world is a total disaster but everyone takes drugs to forget about everything and just be happy. You actually better take your drugs or you will be in trouble … but too many drugs and your mind will be lost.

In this second DLC you play Nick Lightbearer, in a brand-new story. He is adored by legions of fans until disaster strikes when a fan convention is plagued by a string of murders. All signs point to him as the killer, and he also got some blackout.

The game is in brand new areas and levels. Your weapons will be a guitar and Golden Records that you can throw at people.  And there will not be survival mechanics in that DLC (so no need to eat, sleep or craft).

Honestly sounds like a nice new story and We Happy Few Lightbearer is only $7.99/£7.19.


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