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It took me a bit of time to write that review but I really wanted to have one because … I would recommend people to watch The Boys.

I already talk a bit about that show, and clearly, it is for adults. it is violent and a bit gore but also very fun and I really do like the concept.

What is “The Boys”?

As a reminder, or for people that never heard of that show before, The Boys is set in a world where super-heroes do exists. However, we could say that they are still humans, so they are not as good as you would expect. They do not care about casualties, and they work for a big business company with strong marketing. In other words, they are more interested in fame and money than saving people.

That upset some “normal” people who would like to, well, kill some of super-heroes

The Seven – heroes but not really

Violently refreshing

The idea of having super-heroes that are bad people is refreshing with all the movies and shows we have on super-heroes. Another famous movie/comic about that topic is Watchmen (coming with a TV show very soon too) but is different. In Watchmen, people do not like super-heroes so they have to hide and other super-heroes are trying to help with the situation.

In The Boys, the “heroes” are famous and very powerful and it is just a bunch of powerless humans who want to kick them where it hurts.

How to kill Super-heroes?

The good, the bad and the ugly

The only bad point I would give to the show is may the rhythm. It starts a bit slow, but on purpose, so you get a massive smack in the face when everything goes out of control. However, I felt that somewhere in the middle it also go slow a bit, and the fun is more what keeps you awake. And probably the curiosity to know what will happen.

It is a bit like those movies where a lot of things are out of control but also connected. Each character is also interesting, They all have their own back story, personality and they are all relatable. It is easy to understand why everyone is acting that way. There is no inconsistency of people being very very smart of switching from smart to dumb, and that is definitely good.

All the actors are playing very nice, especially Karl Urban with his British accent, but also Jack Quaid as someone learning from experience and Antony Starr, who is the strongest super-heroes and someone you really want to punch in the face.

Another thing that I like is the ugly but very realistic part that shows how some people can be manipulating any story to turn them into their advantages. How all this turn into a business, with a lot of politics involved, each character also seems to have its own agenda.


I do not want to talk too much about the show to not spoil it but I really can’t wait to see the second season. I am also thinking about getting the comic books. Because yes, that show is coming from a Comic with the same name.

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