Shenmue 3 trial version

As an early backer of Shenmue I had my code yesterday to get access to the trial version. And honestly, that Shenmue 3 Trial version is a bit like a joke.

And I need to say: I am a massive of Shenmue. The first game mind blew me with its story, freedom and nice environment. It was feeling alive, some kind of “realistic” and exotic, compared to everything available at that time. The second one was even bigger and in some cases better. I have always been asking for a third one, at least to know the story (and avenge Ryo’s father). That’s why I was very happy when the Kickstarter happened. Since then, there has been a lot of stories around the game.

I have tried to stay away from them because they were more about distribution and “politics”. Basically the game was supposed to be available on Steam and now it will be on the Epic Game Store. I chose from the start to get the game on PS4 and I thought that if a contract with the Epic Game Store was the price to pay to really have a great game, then why not. However, after that Trial version, I am very worried about the quality of the game.

The attached video is basically the all trial version, and it is roughly 20min. And, most of it has already been seen in previous trailers. Graphically it is not amazing but I can personally live with it. In terms of gameplay, it feels heavy, even more during the fights than the exploration. Really not as smooth as in the past. The discussions/contact with PNJ are not really appealing. It is really really hard for me, even as a big fan, to find some good point for that trial version.

Considering that the game will be available in November, I hope that this is old work and not current work. I am a bit worried about how the game will be. Hopefully, it will at least end the story of Ryo and give me that feeling of finishing a task started a long time ago.



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