Ghost Recon Breakpoint review

The game is finally out so here is our Ghost Recon Breakpoint review! As someone that has been invited by Ubisoft for the Alpha and the Beta, that is a long time that I want to talk about this game but could not because of the agreement. The game has definitely evolved since the very first time I have played it, but how is it in the end?


For those who do know about this game, it is a third player online tactical shooter published by Ubisoft (I will explain the importance of tactical). The story takes place on an island called Aurora. The island is supposed to be a heaven for scientist but it got cut off from the world. That is when the game start for you, you arrive on the island but got attached and your helicopter crash.  It is quickly apparent that some mercenaries have taken control of the island and all the tech on it.

It is not a revolutionary story, but interesting enough to try to understand what happened on the island. The game is open-world which means that you can (and will have) to go all around the island for different missions of objectives.


For some reason, I still do not feel that the gameplay is perfect. The driving of the vehicle has greatly changed over time but still feels a bit strange. The character feels heavy, definitely not quick in anything you want to do. That is probably where the tactical part comes to play.

Indeed, the game is really designed to be more of a stealth game, mostly if you are alone. If you try to go head first and shoot on everyone, or if you are quickly detected by enemies, well .. you are probably dead. A new feature, for example, is the camouflage, that allows you to hide in the mud. All that was done on purpose by Ubisoft to give you the feeling that you are not the strongest thing on the island, but in my opinion, it also removes a bit of fun. You will really have to think and plan your attack, and any little things can mess with it.

To the question: how long is Ghost Recon Breakpoint?  the answer is 20 to 30 hours for the main story, which is reasonable for that kind of game. There is also a lot of other things to do around the island around, so it is fine on that side.

Shooter or RPG?

One slightly strange in the game is also the concept of equipment. They indeed have levels and thus different characteristics, like in an RPG. This is similar to what Ubisoft is giving in the Division kind of game. However, as much as I am fine with it in the Division, it feels really strange in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. A weapon will really make a difference between having a very hard time or a more easy time killing enemies. As mentioned previously the game put on purpose a lot of enemies that are “hard” to kill, and if you go with a low-level weapon, you will do the same damage than if you were trying to throw rocks at them.

What else?

I am going to mention that the game got some bugs, most of the time more esthetics (things that disappear) than really annoying (in my opinion). Ubisoft is also not clear about its strategy of micro-transaction. At the moment it is actually possible to buy all the equipment possible with real money. That is actually a big game-changer because as mentioned previously, having a big gun can really help to lower the whole difficulty of the game.


With that game, it is also very hard to conclude and gives a real yay or nay. Despite some bugs (like in a lot of big games recently), the game is not that bad. But it is not excellent either. My personal problem is more that I am not a fan of a stealth game and I prefer a big and nice shooting game. And despite the possibility to have some big guns, the game is really not made to be played like that.

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