Playstation 5 for 2020

It has been confirmed, the Playstation 5 will be available during the Holiday 2020.

The announcement from Sony confirmed that the console will be called Playstation 5.

The controller will also be different from the one of the Playstation 4. Sony want to deepen the feeling of immersion and reimagine how the sense of touch can add to that immersion.

For that purpose, Sony will adopt haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” technology found in previous controllers. So the vibration should be much better and softer or harder depending on the situation.

Secondly, the controller will get an “adaptive trigger”. Which means that game developer will be able to program the resistance of the trigger. This can definitely be interesting depending on the kind of game you are playing.

Very good news, but let’s just wait and see what will be the price for that new console!

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