Call of Duty Modern Warfare review and test

To be honest, I have not played a Call of Duty since forever, but because Call of Duty Modern Warfare from Activision and Infinity Ward is a reboot of the series, I decided to give it go. And honestly, I was really happy with it.

Welcome to the war!

I will not spend a lot of time on the gameplay, it is exactly what you would expect from a First Player Shooter, pretty intuitive if you have played any shooter before and well done. I felt that the game was really immersive with a lot of different “types” of missions. Yes, that is a bit strange to say, but some are more urban combats, other more like hostage situations, pursuing someone in a city and tiny spoiler alert: in one, you will also play a kid trying to escape a combat zone. Every single mission is really a bit different from the previous one and I do not want to spoil too much about it, but I really have to acknowledge the performance in not making it as a simple “shoot and clear every zone by moving forward”.

Good but short

I really did love the campaign. For example, I have felt the SWAT-style missions were really impressive when you enter a house and try to clean every room, guessing who is a target and who is a civilian … Urban missions are also nice and tricky, I have died so many times, just because something that I did not expect just happened, such as a bomb or sniper, etc.  The only bad point is probably that it is way too short. You can probably do the 14 missions in roughly 4 to 5 hours … which is also the time it took for the game to install and update. Maybe this is also because I wanted it to be a bit longer.

Strategy and story

The issue with that “realistic” immersion is maybe that the best strategy (when outside) is to take a long-range gun, get cover and just kill everyone from distance. In solo mode, you will still have to move forward to get the mission going, but in multiplayer that is another story. The multiplayer is quite fun and well done, with very nice maps, but it does have a lot of campers, which is a bit sad.

The story (if you care about it) is in my opinion, a bit overcomplicated. I also do understand now why the game is not available in Russia, as it is indirectly shown as the bad guy of the game. I am not sure why it was not decided to just create a non-existing country, instead of trying to say that one but maybe the other or maybe a third one or finally the first one is the bad guy.

The game also does refer to previous Modern Warfare and the end clearly shows that there will be more following games (as we could expect).

In the end, my overall opinion is that I really liked the Solo campaign even if relatively short. The multiplayer is nice but some players can easily make it not really fun by just staying where they are and just waiting for you to come.

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