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The Outer Worlds by Obsidian, I have been waiting for that game since .. it has been announced. A game made by the creator of Fallout, that sounds really good. However, I did had some doubts. Mostly because I personally did not like too much Fallout New Vegas. The main reason was there were too many different factions and that I did not like any of them, while the game is asking you to choose some group over the other ones. And sadly, that is a bit what happens in that game too.


When the game starts you are hibernating in a lost spaceship when an old man wakes you up. He is pretty clear that he was able to awaken only one person and you will have to help to get the other be as lucky as you. Decades have past and the world is a bit different than the one you knew. Your first mission will be to get a spaceship so you can go from planet to planet and find what is needed for your mission … or you could also decide to bring the old man to the authorities. Yes, that is an option.  The length of the game can be discussed depending on your choices and if you are interested in side missions but if you play seriously, I would say probably around 15 to 20 hours, which is good but not that much in the end.

All about choices

There are a lot of different ways to complete missions in the game, which will also influence the end of the game. And it will also depend on the skills you choose to upgrade. If you want the best ending, the piece of advice is to boost any dialogue skills so you can solve most of the issues just through discussion and not by killing. At the start, you will also be alone but you can get 6 companions and you will be able to go on missions with 2 of them. Once again, those companions will not automatically join you, some of them can also become enemies, so it really depends on your decisions. Each of those companions will boost some of your skills, and that will also be the case with some armor or helmet.

During the game, you will also have to settle conflicts between different factions, and that is where I am sometimes not very happy with it. Most of the time you will have to start by taking a side, so in the end, you can get the option to find an agreement between the two. Pick the wrong side and the agreement may just disappear.

The less good

One bit that I did not like too much is also the user interface. The menu has a lot of choices, maybe too many. The cursor on the map is incredibly slow, and despite having a lot of messages to explain to you how to play, I missed a couple of interesting tips, such as the teleportation. So I spend a lot of time running around for no reason. As much as I found the main story interesting, I also found the side missions, well, really side missions. Another thing is that in combat, your guns will also be more important than your skills. The way it happens is that you will find a very good gun, use it for some time until it does not do any damage to enemies. Then you will have to find a bigger and better gun. I may also have played too much Borderlands,  but I felt that the guns could have been better. Except for a couple that is fun, most of them are just basic guns put in three categories: light ammo, heavy ammo, and energy. But that is not too much on the bad side.


In the end, I do like a lot the universe and the concept to have a spaceship and a crew. Most of the choices are making sense if you want to get the best ending: try to get everything done by discussion, do your companion quests, find a compromise, but are not always easy to get in the first place. If you like the Fallout series or this kind of RPG then you will definitely like it. I think that it is not as good as it could be (or maybe I was expecting more from it) but it is still a very good game, which is worth it.

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