Tangledeep get a free expansion on Nintendo Switch

If you are getting a bit bored, you have a Nintendo Switch and like some old-school RPG, have a look at Tangledeep.

Today’s good news is that Impact Gameworks announced that the Tangledeep get a free expansion on Nintendo Switch.
Version 1.1.0 got 6 months of work and the “Legend of Shara” expansion pack (normally $8 on PC) completely free, adding dozens of hours of additional gameplay.

That DLC offers a new story, a new character and a different perspective on the story. Which is usually interesting in a video game. It also raises the game’s level cap, adds a wide variety of monsters and items, a 13th playable job, and a slew of self-contained dungeon adventures called Wanderer’s Journeys, which each have a unique and powerful treasure to discover.

And if that is not enough, there is another DLC available “Dawn of Dragons”, but you will have to pay for that one.

As mentioned the game is an old-school 16bits RPG and has some really good reviews both on PC and Nintendo Switch! And is only $19.99USD‎ or 17€.




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