Last Oasis – Early Access

Donkey Crew announced today that Last Oasis will be available as Steam Early Access today.

And there will also be a week-long 17% discount, putting the game at  $29.99. So while you are staying at home you can still visit some interesting world.

The trailer honestly looks really nice!

But let’s talk about the story:
Last Oasis is a Nomadic Survival MMO. Earth has apparently stopped rotating, and the last human survivors need to outrun the sun.
Only a narrow band of space between the hot and cold halves of the planet has conditions that can support life. This band moves at the pace of the planet’s rotation around the Sun, and all life on Earth must migrate with it to survive. In order to keep moving, the remnants of humanity have built nomadic machines, and a walking city called Flotilla. 

You can play the game in solo or as a clan, do some melee combat and because it is a player-driven economy, you will need to trade. That also means gathering resources, craft equipment and build your Walkers (your machine, adaptable for travel, harvesting or combat). 

Did I mention that every Nomad owns a grappling hook? yeah, that is pretty cool too. 


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