Shadow Arena in final beta

Pearl Abyss just announced that Shadow Arena’s final beta will be from April 17 to April 20 ahead of its official launch later this year.

Shadow Arena is an action battle royale where 40 Heroes compete against each other to be the last player standing on the battlefield

The final Beta will be available across the globe, supporting 14 languages including English, Indonesian, Thai, and Turkish, and anyone can ask for a key from the  official website. 

For the moment the review on Steam on the previous beta is mitigated, with a lot of people saying they wanted more or that the game is not balanced correctly. The good news is that Pearl Abyss said that they have heard the players and introduced a few changes from the previous beta.
Heroes will be able to experience a new AI Mode, where they can battle against the AI to learn more about the game. Normal Match is another new feature that does not record the game’s results, allowing Heroes to play Shadow Arena without the pressure of reaching high scores.

If you are interested in Shadow Arena, that may be a good option for you to have a try and see for yourself!

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