Nier Replicant remake for this year

To understand what is going one, it is probably better to say that in the Nier family you have Nier Gestalt, released on Xbox 360, Nier Replicant on Playstation 3 (both of those games are mostly similar but have some little differences) and more recently Nier Automata.

And for people that have no idea of what is Nier … well it is a third-person action-RPG, sets in an apocalyptic future (a bit in ruins), with a lot of monsters to kill. Like really big and very hard to kill monsters, but the universe and story are usually really worth it. Nier Replicant also has a lot of jump in time, so the story is in a very long period of time. Explaining more than that would either spoil the story or require a 10 minutes explanation.

So now it is probably more clear that Square Enix has decided to remake Nier Replicant for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is supposed to happen this year but I have not seen a date yet.

But for those interested to play what happened before Nier Automata, that is cool. As a reminder NieR:Automata will also be available April 2nd, 2020 on consoles with Xbox Game Pass memberships.



Persona 5 Royal available tomorrow

Yes, in case you missed the news, Persona 5 Royal will be available tomorrow exclusively on Playstation 4.

The original Persona 5 was actually released in 2017 but a remastered version and some new content.

For example, it brings two new playable characters gymnast Kasumi and the school counselor Takuto. Kasumi. There is also a new semester bringing a side story to the main story. The end is also different and better. There are also a lot of small changes but it would be too long or spoiling to discuss here.

For those who never played the game, it is about a group of high school students who have physical manifestations of their inner psyche called Personas. It is actually based in Tokyo with some real locations. In Persona 5 Royal you mostly play as Joker which is the leader of Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a group trying to change criminal hearts and mind through the Metaverse (where they can use their Personas).

Basically, if have never played Persona 5 but you like Japanese RPG then you should go for it. If you have already played Persona 5 but are interested to do it again with improvement, then go for it too.