Virtual races to watch this weekend (e-race)

The COVID-19 restrictions may have stopped races all over the world but pro and amateur drivers are still virtually racing with different video games!

Here is a list of some e-races you can watch this weekend:

Saturday, May 2:

All-star cup and Legend Trophy

This is usually a long program (3h) with multiple races. They use the game rfactor2.

The Legend Trophy has real professional drivers such as Button, Montoya, Fittipaldi, Pirro, Magnussen, Brabham etc.
Added to that there are 3 rounds with 20 drivers. Two of them are for real-world drivers from F3, Formule-E, F1 tests drivers and the last one is for Simracers. The best 5 of each race meet in the final (plus 5 drivers in a Last Chance Qualifier race, for a total of 20 drivers).

You can actually see the previous races here. and all the other races here.

And the next one can be seen on:  or and on ESPN2

United Kingdom 17:00 | European 18:00
United States 12PM ET / 9 AM PT 

Saturday, May 2:

IndyCar Indianapolis

The e-IndyCar is stopping at Indianapolis this weekend! The game used is iracing and for the line-up, Simon Pageneaud (the previous real winner) will be there, but also Bourdais, Newgarden, Speed, Sato, McLaughlin etc and even .. Lando Norris! Of the 33 races, 24 of them have raced in real Indianapolis and 8 of them won it!

The race will be 70 laps/175 miles (281.6 km) (approximately 75 minutes).

Where to watch the race is more complicated as NBC requires an account. But you can check on Newgarden youtube channel or the official IndyCar one.

United Kingdom 19.45 PM | European  20:00
United States 2.45 PM ET / 11.45 AM PT 

Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3:


This week the eNascar is going to Dover International Speedway’s virtual Monster Mile. The game used is also iracing and the line-up got, for example, Kurt Busch, Kevin Harvick, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson etc.

The race of 125 laps will be live stream on the and NASCAR’s YouTube channel.

United Kingdom  01:00 and 18:00  | European 02:00 and 19:00
United States 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT and 1 PM ET / 10AM PT

Sunday, May 3:

Moto GP

The Red Bull Virtual Grand Prix of Spain has a real nice line-up of real-world drivers from MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 and is usually very fun to watch! The game used is either MotoGP19 or the newest MotoGP20.

The previous race can be seen here.

The next race can be seen on a lot of different places:  “ and, on selected TV broadcasters, and across social media platforms including YouTube (via the MotoGP and MotoGP eSport channels), MotoGP eSport Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (via both the MotoGP and MotoGP eSport pages).

Broadcast partners showing coverage of the event will include Sky Italy, Canal+ in France, DAZN (in Spain, Italy and DACHS), BT Sport in the UK, ServusTV in Austria and Germany, Viasat in Sweden, NBC in the USA, Fox Brazil and ESPN in Latin America, Motorsport TV Russia, Eurosport India, Fox Asia, Fox Australia, TEN, and SuperSport across Africa.”

United Kingdom  14:00 | European 15:00
United States 9AM ET / 6AM PT 

Sunday, May 3:

F2 and F1 Virtual Grand Prix

Another impressive line-up with both F1 and F2 drivers. Juan Manuel Correa is racing for Alfa Romeo with Giovinazzi. Almost every team got at least one official driver! The game used is either Formula 2019 or 2020.

The bst place to watch it is probably on the Youtube or facebook page! But it will also be broadcast live with international broadcast partners in over 100 countries including in the UK on Sky Sports and in the US on ESPN.

United Kingdom  16:00 and 18:00 | European 15:00 and 17:00 
United States 11AM ET and 1PM ET / 8AM PT and 10AM PT

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