E3 Bethesda conference recap: Doom Eternal, Deahtloop, GhostWire and more

The E3 Bethesda conference gave us a couple of good things and a couple of strange things.

In the good ones, I would definitely put Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein YoungBlood, Deathloop, and GhostWire. The two last one being new games, but sadly with no images of gameplay.

In the less good, there is Fallout 76, which was acknowledged as having some issues and still trying to be fixed with the addition of NPC. Fallout 76 actually got a free trial starting today.  Another free game is The Elder Scrolls: Blades, and it is a phone game. A Nintendo Switch version will also be available in Fall, and still for free.

I do not know where to put Orion, which is another cloud-based gaming similar to the Google Stradia or Microsoft Cloud. The only detail given about it was the speed, which should be faster on the cloud and also a better bandwidth for people who stream their game online.

And that basically it for the E3 Bethesda conference, just a couple of word on The Elder Scrolls VI, about Rage 2 new content and obviously about the QuakeCon where Bethesda will most likely deliver more information, like every year.

DOOM Eternal

Let’s start with Doom and a Story trailer and a Battlemode multiplayer. In this mode, one player with play the Slayer and two other will be demons. This seems a bit unfair at a start but apparently, this mode will require some strategy, so let see. The game and the mode will be released on November 22 this year and the Collector’s edition got nothing less than a wearable Doom slayer helmet.



Deathloop is the new baby from the people who made the Dishonored games. It set in Blackreef with Colt and Juliana as protagonists, who appears to be fighting each other. it is definitely a first-person action game in an interesting world, but not too much information about it yet. The phrase used by the developers for the game is also full of mystery: “if at first you don’t succeed… die, die again”.

GhostWire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo got a very mysterious trailer too. As the name suggests, it set place in Japan … and people suddenly disappeared. It is an action-adventure game and not too much information about it either.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

And to finish, a trailer of Wolfenstein: Youngblood with gameplay footage. The music and the graphic design give some kind of 80’s vibe that I personally like!  Can’t wait for it, available on July 26th!



Rage 2 Roadmap

We are only 4 days away from Rage 2 released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

To be honest I was in the group of people a bit disappointed by the first one. Probably because I had too high expectation. For the second one, I do not have any, so I am ready to give a second chance.

For those unaware of the game, Rage 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Avalanche Studio and published by Bethesda. In this game, you will play a ranger named Walker, in an apocalyptic open world. And yes, you can actually choose Walker gender and skills. The world was destroyed by an asteroid and you need now to survive against mutants, while the majority of mankind died. The Rage part of the game come from the fact that you have Nanotrite-based powers and can activate a mode called Overdrive. Once activated, your weapon will do more damage and you will get healed constantly. Sadly, this is also the reason why everyone wants you dead and put their hands on your Nanotrite.

Bethesda recently released the roadmap of the content for Rage 2 coming this year. This can be summarized as monthly challenges, weapon skins, and world events. DLC expansions are also planned for August and another one in fall.


rage 2