Star Trek: Picard trailer

An amazing Star Trek: Picard trailer is now available!

This is definitely what the fans of Star Trek were waiting for. And not only Picard is back, but Seven and apparently Data are back too!

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) was captain in Star Trek: The New Generation, a TV show which started almost 35 years ago. and the last appearance of Picard was basically 20 years ago.

The opportunity to follow those characters so long after their last appearance is really incredible!



Watchmen Trailer

A new Watchmen trailer got released by HBO.

We already discussed in a previous article about Watchmen and that new adaptation from HBO. In this new and longer trailer, we can see more familiar faces.

We can indeed see some mentioned about the Minutemen, and not only a party for Dr. Manhattan but also see the blue man himself on Mars and … apparently on earth too. I am almost sure that I recognized the owl-shaped flying vehicle from Nite Owl too. This gives some hope to see those characters in the show.
it also could mean that this new series is set after the original Watchmen story, once Dr. Manhattan after the death of Rorschach

Definitely can’t wait for that one!