Disney post-fox release plan

A tweet from Kris Tapley shows a list of the Disney post-fox release plan.


Most of the movies are sadly untitled and a big part of it is not too much of a surprise. However, there is a Star Wars movie apparently planned for 2022, followed by to other movies. Could that be another trilogy? We can also see the five Avatars movies. There is also the Indiana Jones movie for 2021 and a bunch of Disney Live Action. No movies are clearly shown as X-men movies, but they could be under any Untitled Marvel movie. What is sure is that the Disney post-fox release plan is already well booked! 

Avengers Endgame, what is next?

Avengers Endgame concludes 10 years of movies, and the Russo’s brothers will most likely not work on Marvel movies in the future. But that is definitely not the end of Marvel superheroes movie or probably even not of the Avengers.

So what is coming next?

The next one is Spiderman: Far From Home. Which is actually considered by the Russo’s brother as the last movie of the saga.
The movie will be released on July 2nd of this year and obviously focused on Spiderman. Peter Parker will indeed be recruited by Nick Fury and team up with Mysterio.

And in term of confirmed movies … that is about all.

What else is planned?

For the ones that will definitely happen, we have Guardian Of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Marvel and Disney finally decided to re-hired James Gunn as director of the film. However, the production can’t start yet considering that the same James Gunn is also working for DC with the soon to come The Suicide Squad.

In term of other sequels, we are most likely to get another Dr. Strange and Black Panther but definitely not before 2021, considering that no scripts are even written.

Black Widow will very likely get her movie! But again we will need to wait at least a year for that!

New heroes about to start

As new movies and new heroes, the next to come is The Eternals. Filming will begin in August this year and actors such as Angelina Jolie recently confirmed to be part of the cast. The movie is described as: The Eternals “a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilizations”. It is a pretty big bet from Marvel, considering that it is not a very well known group of superheroes.

Another thing to know is that the Eternals are technically very powerful. Which can be hard to include inside the Marvel Universe, except if the decision is taken to “Nerf” (reduce) their superpower. This could be easily done considering that the movie will most likely focus on Sersi (in green on the following image), which is a fourth generation willing to live with humans. Or by following them in a completely different timeline, like a long time ago in the past.

Another new one would be Shang-Chi, also known as “the Master of Kung Fu”. That is another interesting choice considering he does not have any super-power. He did beat, however, numerous superhumans, but he would have fit better with the Defenders (the ex-Netflix Marvel superheroes). Let see how it goes!


A couple of rumors

In terms of interesting rumor, Antman and the Wasp may get another movie, and Wesley Snipes is apparently in discussion for another Blade movie.

In conclusion

It is hard to know if Marvel has not really planed yet what is coming after the Avengers Endgame or if they are keeping a lot of secret at the moment. Nothing seems to point in one direction, unlike the Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor movies leading to the Avengers. Let’s hope that some announcements will soon give us more clues about it.


The Mandalorian

Today was The Mandalorian panel at the Star Wars Celebration. Some kind of trailer was shown to the people in the room but not in life and neither on their youtube channel … yet. This was showing few moments from the show and some behind the scene shots.

Jon Favreau shares some details about the show, like the fact that there are a lot of things for the fan but non-fan can also easily follow the show. Inspiration mostly come from western and samurai movie. Jon also mentioned that fans are playing Stormtroopers in the show, mostly because they did not have enough costume and asked for the help of the fans, which is pretty nice.

A lot of models, even 3D printed ones were used of the show

Let’s hope that a real trailer becomes available very soon!

Star Wars episode 9, yay or nay?

You may already know that the new Star Wars trailer just dropped yesterday, with its new name: The rise of Skywalker. If not, well take a look here:


Despite all the news trying to get me hype … well, I am not. I would like but I just can’t.

I had mixed feeling by looking at it. I honestly even stopped it and double check because … I thought for a second that this was a fan-made teaser. A lot of things look off, in my opinion, starting with the font, the text, everything is totally disconnected and it is playing more on nostalgia than actually showing something new.
The problem is: you can’t play on nostalgia when you spend 2 other episodes to just destroy and kill everything that was from the past. The artistic decision was to send us to some kind of future and that is what you should do. This trailer looks more like a: “sorry but please stay with us until the end”. I am a bit harsh and have nothing about the movie, I hope it will be good. Maybe there will be a major plot twist, and in the same way they are bringing back Palpatine some other characters will also come back.

The other Star Wars news of the day was the video game Jedi Fallen Order. With a lot of good news like no microtransaction (at least for now) but no real info about the game itself, so wait and see.