Watchmen Trailer

A new Watchmen trailer got released by HBO.

We already discussed in a previous article about Watchmen and that new adaptation from HBO. In this new and longer trailer, we can see more familiar faces.

We can indeed see some mentioned about the Minutemen, and not only a party for Dr. Manhattan but also see the blue man himself on Mars and … apparently on earth too. I am almost sure that I recognized the owl-shaped flying vehicle from Nite Owl too. This gives some hope to see those characters in the show.
it also could mean that this new series is set after the original Watchmen story, once Dr. Manhattan after the death of Rorschach

Definitely can’t wait for that one!



Is Game of Thrones Season 8 bad?

The latest season of Game of Thrones definitely raises a lot of anger from the fans. To the point that a petition has been launched to re-do the episodes.

But is that 8th season really worse than previous seasons? The short answer is not really, let me explain (almost without spoilers).

Source material

One main complaint comes from the fact that there is no more source material and HBO writers are incapable to write the rest of the story correctly. If you are not aware of it, the last 2 books of Game of Thrones have not been released yet. Which means that HBO is freely adapting what GRR Martin (the author of the books) tell them. However, that is the case for the last 3 seasons already. So if that is an issue, it should be running for a long time already.


Other issues concern the story itself, and some plotholes. But I remember, even as far as the season one, stopping one episode and yelling “oh my god are you serious? Do they really want us to believe that?”

Yes. For those who forget about that, in the first season the actual King, and accomplish warrior, got killed by a wild boar (he was drunk, but he did died from a boar). And he asks all the witnesses to leave the room when he decided to make his friend the new king. Probably an action that requires a lot of witnesses to be trusted by everyone.

You can even go back to season 1 episode 1 and wonder how the Lannisters,  coming for the first time in Winterfell, could find and access an empty tower to do their affair, throw a kid by the window and not having a bunch of witnesses to say that they have seen them going in or out of that tower?

I also remember back in season 2 when I was already pointing out that some people seem to travel way faster or slower than others. I was told that I just did not understand ellipses and that I could not compare stories side by side. Sometimes they needed to slow down the pace, some time to get it faster. And now I can see the same people complaining about that.

The size of the armies also goes up or down depending on the plot. In one episode we are told that the North got multiple times more men than all the rest of Westeros united, but then we hear that the Lannister can get a bigger army because they have more money. Money does not create soldiers. In the best case scenario, it can enroll some peasants into war, which gives a very bad army. Nothing in term of money really seems to add up in Game of Thone anyway.

I will stop there because it is possible to write a whole book about the plotholes and ridiculousness of some part of Game of Thrones. What is sure however is that it did not start in season 8 but way before.

Character story

A third critic that I have seen concern character development, and mostly the one from Daenerys. I will try to avoid spoilers but this may give some information about season 8 in case you have not seen it.

Daenerys grew with the idea of revenge. That is her goal, that is her motivation. She said that she wants to kill the people who took the throne from her family, and everyone who will try to stop her. She seems to despise everyone and everything in Westeros. So, what did the fans expected?
The only thing able to stop her fury has been love and people who recognize her rank. That is why she helped Jon Snow, a man she loves and who recognizes her as his queen.

The more power she takes and the more dangerous she is, that is her story arc.

Did people forget in season 5 when she randomly chooses one of the leaders of Meereen and burned him, saying “Who is innocent? Maybe all of you are, maybe none of you are. Maybe I should let the dragons decide”? Daenerys did kill innocents in the past just to show her power and being feared. In season 8, she mentioned it again to Jon, that it is all she has in Westeros and the only way to have people acknowledging her power. All these details help to see where her story goes.

At the end of season 8 episode 4, she loses multiple loved one, feel betrayed, she is facing someone who took the throne from her and does not recognize at all her rank. Everything she hates. The following seems obvious.

The last comment is usually about how dumb what Daenerys did. But if you think about it, a lot of (if not every) important events in Game of Thrones starts from a character making a very dumb decision. What was the idea behind selling all the army of unsullied to Daenerys? Because yes, her next move was to use it to kill everyone and take back the money, as you can expect.

So why is it a problem now?

Concerning Daenerys story, I think that it comes from the fact that all the people she killed, all the people she betrayed in the past were not in Westeros. We did not know anything about them, we did not have the time to learn more about them. So we did not care. Were there good people in the hundreds of people she crucified in Essos?

One issue is also that it came like a storm after a calm period. A lot of details were helping to understand her story, but only details.

For the rest, as I mentioned I have more than once stopped an episode and said that I am done with the show.  The two reasons why I went back were first to know how things actually turn out and second because of the social trend.

However, we know that this is the last season, the end, no chance for things to change entirely. And the community is not happy which definitely help people to say what they think about the show. Like a lot of people, I have kept my opinion for myself for years because no-one could criticize the show. But now it has raised a threshold where critics are encouraged.

The fact that the end does not match what people wanted, or at least their expectation can be the reason why it blows up right now. This already happened in video game big franchises.

But for me, Game of Throne Season 8 is pretty similar to all the other seasons. It got some plotholes, it is not necessarily written correctly, some important parts are overlooked. But that has been the case since the beginning. So if something needs to be redone, it is probably the whole show, not just the last season.

GOT it is a good show, the universe and characters are really nice. But if you start to chase all the nonsense you will go mad way faster than Daenerys.

Watchmen on HBO

Here is another reason to keep HBO: the television series Watchmen. HBO just released a trailer today to gives us a taste of it.

For people that do not know Watchmen, it is a comic book (or graphic novel) made in the ’80s by Alan Moore. The story is in an alternative universe where superheroes do exist or at least did exist, and are now considered as outlaws.  You can then follow some retired superheroes, or hiding and sometimes confused in a very chaotic world which reject them.

A Zack Snyder movie was released in 2009, which is, in my opinion, something to see. There is not yet a lot of information on the HBO Watchmen TV series, but what is sure is that there is a lot of famous names. Regina King (The Leftovers), Don Johnson (Miami Vice), Jeremy Irons (Reversal of Fortunes), Jean Smart (Fraiser and Samantha Who?), Tim Blake Nelson (Lincoln), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (First Match).  However, it does not look like a sequel or a reboot. Some superheroes costume are similar to the one from the comics and movie but that seems to be all, at least for the moment.

HBO Chernobyl miniseries

I can already hear a lot of people saying that there is no reason to keep HBO once Game Of Thrones is over. However, I personally find some interest in the HBO Chernobyl miniseries.

The show is made of 5 episodes and will air from the 6th of May until June 3rd. And as you can guess with the title, the plot will focus on Chernobyl disaster that occurred in Ukrainian SSR in 1986.

For the cast you will find a couple of known faces, but maybe not names. Such as Jared Harris (Lane Pryce in Mad Men and most recently as King Charles VI in The Crown), Stellan Skarsgård (in the Thor and Avengers movies and Emily Watson (Bess McNeil in Breaking the Waves).

Let’s just wait and see how it goes and hope that the show really tries to show the situation and not some kind of fictional story. The writers and creators apparently did a lot of researches and questioned a lot of people for years, so it is reinsuring on that side.

To make your own opinion about HBO Chernobyl here is the first trailer and the last one from today: