Monster Hunter World Free Trial on PS4

We were talking 2 days ago about the next Monster Hunter World extension, Iceborne, revealed during the Sony State Of Play.

To increase even more the number of players, Capcom decided to give a Free Trial of the game on PS4. That trial end of May 20th, it got three main quests, in two different worlds: Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Wastes.

You can also entirely customize your character, play with other players (from the free trial or not), and you would your save file if you would choose the buy the game.

As a reminder, the extension Monster Hunter World Iceborn will be available September 6th!

Playstation State of Play

The Playstation State of Play just finished and Sony gave us a couple of interesting trailers.

First and easy one is the FF7 Remake trailer. For the people who did not get the chance to play the original PlayStation 1 game .. or for people willing to do it again.

Another one is Predator: Hunting Grounds. A game definitely based on the Predator movies. Sadly no in-game footage so it is a bit hard to give an honest opinion on the game.

Medievil is also a remake from the PlayStation 1. Truly a classic, now in 4K for the fans of action adventure.

Probably the strangest one of the batch is Away: The Survival Series. But honestly that looks really cute and fun, I would definitely give it a go!

Monster Hunter World is getting some new content with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. More monsters, more snow, and more ice.